Compensation Considerations: Additional Benefits and Perks

Physicians and dentists are highly sought-after professionals, and as such, such employment agreements may include various benefits and perks to attract and retain top talent. Taking these additional benefits and perks into consideration is important when assessing the overall compensation package, because you may find more value from the supplementary support of your employer.

Do I really need a lawyer to review my employment contract?

If you wish to protect your professional rights and autonomy, yes.  While it's not an absolute requirement to have an attorney review your employment contract, it is highly advisable and generally considered a best practice, especially for more complex contracts or if you have specific concerns. Here are some reasons why having an attorney review your employment contract is beneficial:

Compensation Considerations: Your Obligations

An employment agreement should clearly outline the obligations and duties expected of you. In order to know whether you are fairly compensated, you must have a complete picture of what it is you are being compensated for. While specific obligations may vary depending on the industry, practice setting, and specialty, here are some common obligations and duties that should be included in a healthcare worker’s employment agreement:

How to use a “sunrise clause” to your advantage

How to use a “sunrise clause” to your advantage. To understand how to use a sunrise clause to your advantage you must first understand what the clause actually is. In the context of a medical contract, a "sunrise clause" typically refers to a provision that outlines the terms and conditions under which a contract will come into effect or become operational. It sets a specific date or condition upon which the contract's provisions will be activated.

Compensation Considerations: Compensation Structure

The compensation structure is of great importance to you for several reasons. The structure proposed directly impacts your income and financial stability. It determines the amount of money you will earn, which is crucial for meeting personal financial obligations like living expenses, student loans, and other financial goals. It is also important because it impacts your work-life balance by influencing factors such as your work load, call coverage, and compensation for any extra time you work. Understanding how the compensation structure aligns with your desired work-life balance and whether it supports a sustainable and healthy professional life is essential.

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