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Assault and Battery

Understanding assault and battery is pivotal in mounting an effective defense. Battery involves forceful or offensive physical contact with another person or their belongings. Assault, on the other hand, can be an act causing fear of imminent harm or an attempt to commit battery. In Michigan, these offenses are often prosecuted together, resulting in charges of assault and battery.

Domestic Assault/Violence

Domestic assault, commonly known as domestic violence, is a prevalent issue that carries serious legal consequences. It involves assault or battery against a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, or someone with whom you have a dating relationship. Prosecutors take domestic violence cases seriously, even if the alleged victim doesn’t wish to press charges.

Assault with Intent

Assault with intent charges vary in severity and carry significant penalties. Offenses include assault with intent to inflict serious injury, assault with a dangerous weapon, and assault with intent to rob. Convictions can result in substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences.


Stalking involves unwanted contact that causes fear or distress to the victim. Michigan’s stalking statute encompasses various behaviors, including following, harassing, or threatening the victim. Aggravated stalking may involve violating a court order or making threats against the victim or their family.


Kidnapping charges are broad and encompass various actions, including restraining someone and holding them against their will. It can involve additional elements such as holding the victim for ransom or using them as a shield. Kidnapping convictions carry severe penalties, often resulting in lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.


Arson involves deliberately setting fire to a building or property and carries severe legal consequences. Michigan categorizes arson into various degrees, depending on factors such as intent and damage caused. Successfully defending against arson charges often involves challenging the prosecution’s evidence and providing evidence of the fire’s accidental nature.

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